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To the new online home of the TBHL!

About Us

All You Need to Know About the TBHL!


Who Are We?

The TBHL was founded in January 2007 and we are continuing our legacy of fast paced ball hockey action.  We started out with four teams playing out of a small gym but even then we knew we could better.  We are constantly striving to make the games as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. 

We have a very hands on approach.  Both my partner and I have played in other ball hockey leagues where you are nothing more than a paying player.  You pay your money to the convenor and he walks away.  Sure you get your games and your basic stats but that's it.  We got sick of the status quo so we decided to do one better.  We are present at each and every game! We are very approachable whether you have a complaint a question or a suggestion. 

We make sure the league gives you the most out of what you are paying for.  We offer comprehensive stats, weekly writeups on every team, a weekly three star segment, league leaders pages, fully updated team pages, prizes for the top players, cash prizes for the top teams, a fully interactive website, an all star game, videos, pictures and much much more!

The Game

We offer a unique style of ball hockey.  The goal is to keep the pace of the game moving.  All too often if you watch a ball hockey game the game is stopped for a needless whistle.  A 15 minute period with stopped time turns into 30 minutes with stoppages every minute or so.  Come on that's not ball hockey, that's boring!  We have encorporated rules that keep the game moving with very minimal stoppages.  Feel free to check out our rules page for all the details.  We run 40 minute games so you get more actual playing time and less time standing around watching the ref stand there waiting to drop the ball.  All this equates to a faster moving game, longer games and more value for your league fees!

Our Goal and Promise

We are striving to create a new force in ball hockey for the GTA region.  Ball hockey became stagnant and dull and many players are becoming upset with the current way things are run.  We are trying to revolutionize the sport and the way it is run.  Let's face it we all would love to be playing proffesional sports but we're not getting there.  However, we are trying to bring that experience to each and every player that joins the league.  You'll get the same attention paid to you with all our interactive ideas we're bringing forward.

We promise to bring you the best experience possible plain and simple.  We also promise not to have hidden fees.  You will not pay your league fees and find out that each player has to pay the referee each game.  You will not find out that you need to make ten phone calls before getting a hold of a convenor. 

You may be reading this and thinking all of this sounds to good to be true.  We've been doing this for a while now and every season just gets more hands on than the last!